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S2:E2 - "Queues IRL"

Where do we see queues in real life? We explore how queues are used in different parts of the tech stack, and help us do awesome things like send email, create animations, and manage requests. Based on Vaidehi Joshi's blog post, "To Queue or Not to Queue". A huge thank you to Twilio for sponsoring this season of the show!


With Twilio, your app can send text messages and make phone calls with just five lines of code. Get a promocode for $20 in free Twilio credit, along with a link to a quickstart guide for your favorite language, by texting your name to 480-485-4321.

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Vaidehi Joshi (co-host)

Vaidehi is a writer and an engineer at Tilde, where she works on Skylight. She's the creator of basecs, a weekly writing series that explores the fundamentals of computer science.

Saron Yitbarek (co-host)

Saron is a developer, podcaster, founder of CodeNewbie, and host of the CodeNewbie Podcast.


CodeNewbie is the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. They produce the CodeNewbie Podcast and the annual Codeland conference. Follow them on twitter @CodeNewbies. For more info, checkout

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