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Bas Steins
Bas Steins

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This Week In Python

Fri, May 17, 2024

This Week in Python is a concise reading list about what happened in the past week in the Python universe.

Python Articles


  • basilisp – A Clojure-compatible(-ish) Lisp dialect targeting Python 3.8+
  • still-manim-editor – real-time coding editor for creating diagrams
  • llgo – A Go compiler based on LLVM in order to better integrate Go with the C ecosystem including Python
  • hstream – write Streamlit, ejcct to Django and Htmx
  • horus – An OSINT / digital forensics tool built in Python

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msc2020 profile image

Thanks for sharing! The 2nd Python Article shows the interactivity of works with marimo. It's a good tool for python notebooks.