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Discussion on: I Computer Science Student in Israel, Ask Me Anything!

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Baruch Odem Ask Me Anything

Yes, I have no experience with this.
But notice you talking about Software Development, when I study Computer Science.
If there is a work that not depends on the in the country, It will be software development. And science, too.
So from my point of view, software development will be similar in most places in the world, except in places where development culture is fundamentally different, such as developing as quickly as possible and taking out medium quality products.

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Rachel Soderberg

That may actually be a difference I hadn't realized, a lot of people in thr States who study Computer Science go on to be software developers and I think I assumed similar for other countries too.
I think you're right in your point of view, that seems pretty reasonable. Thanks for the response!

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Baruch Odem Ask Me Anything • Edited on

Yes, we all start with the Computer Science basement, and going to work as Software Developers. So you can compare the knowledge of Computer Science between an universities, but where we really learn to program, to compare the learning?

Thank you for asking!