What is your go to solution/tech/service for sending emails?

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So, if people haven't read about it (why not?!) , I made a little something.

And it required email verification and I wanted to have magic link logins which I did implement and I used SendGrid for it as always.

But have been experiencing delays in email deliveries for the past 30 hours and the magic link login makes no sense when the email is getting delivered 30-40 mins after a person has requested for a login.

Hence, I'd like to know what are other options that are out there and are frequently used by people.

Any kind of solution is welcome.

Update: Forgot to mention, It'd be nice if it had a free plan.


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9000/month free emails.
That's actually not bad


Also limited to 300 emails / day, and an hourly limit too.
Their Lite tier is only £15/mo, and boosts you up to 40'000 emails, with no daily limit.

I mean , the product I built might not gain traction during the starting few months at all, but if it does I'll shift to the lite tier


As for transitional emails, I'm used to using Mailgun on my projects. Before it had 10,000 emails/ month for free in the start package, but now they're charging a very fair price per message sent. When it comes to mailing lists, I'm currently using MailerLite, but also considering other vendors.


Sounds good. Sendgrid seems to be working since the load from the hackathon has slowed down a bit , but I’ll keep Mailgun in the options.


Sounds great, Sid!

I've been using Mailgun for the last 3 years and have no regrets about it. I've also written a PHP library to help me calling their API which wraps its most used functionalities into very simple methods. If you get interested, ping me and I'll share it with you.

If i ever pickup laravel/php for any project. I’ll make sure I get in touch

I guess me misinterpreting the context was kinda useful. Thanks!

I wish there was an open source solution to sms as well
but yeah, got it!
the project won't need a private smtp server but this gets added to my list of resources


you setup an smtp server?
or is there a service you use?