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Blazing SEO Review

Is your business in need of the best proxy server that makes it rank highly in SEO and optimize its website’s domain internet traffic? Do you wonder which the best proxy for that is? Worry not because Blazing SEO is right at your disposal when it comes to SEO optimizations, limitless threads, and data scraping tools.

Blazing SEO Review

Discover Blazing SEO, which offers some of the fastest SEO proxies. Are you wondering why Blazing SEO is instrumental to Search engines? First, you could integrate a web scraping tool with a proxy server allowing you to rank highly in search engines because tons of data would flow in your website.

Backlinks are other items that generate a high search engine ranking. You could use Blazing SEO proxies to create multiple anonymous websites that you can refer to in your site with backlinks. It would also be fun navigating your competitors' sites when you are browsing anonymously. That’s not all, please read ahead for much more!

Feature of Blazing SEO

  1.     Instant delivery

Once you create an account and pay for the Blazing SEO services, you automatically connect to their servers. That is not all, because you access blazing SEO service at gigabyte speed of unlimited bandwidth.

  1.     Three protocols supported

With blazing SEO, you will enjoy linking to other websites using SOCKS, HTTP, and HTTPS. While HTTP is the most common website language, you will get advanced fast and data secure languages like SOCKS and HTTPS.

  1.     I4 countries to choose from

You can access Blazing SEO from the USA, Netherlands, Poland, France, Spain, India, Italy, Germany, UK, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil, and Canada.

  1.     Replacement of IP proxies

Blazing SEO has a sustainable warrant of IP proxies within thirty days.

  1.     Authentication

For Blazing SEO's protection of your data, you need to input your correct username, password, or IP authorization code.

  1.     Trial and refund.

There are free two testing days of Blazing SEO. Once you test and decide to buy the package, your money is not refunded.

  1. Payment method

Your main billing option in Blazing SEO is PayPal. You have to link your PayPal account when you register with Blazing SEO. Also, they accept other credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and other cards.


Their Affordable Pricing

Not only do you get reasonable Blazing SEO's IPS' pricing, but also you get these proxies’ hampers with deals with any level of your business. Whether you are a starter, a personal-based business, a corporate unit, or a large-sized enterprise, Blazing SEO has exceptional proxies IPs for you.

However, these proxies vary with the country. For example, In the USA, you should have a budget not exceeding eleven dollars for rotating proxies. In Germany or Brazil, the price goes up to thirteen dollars per month of rotating proxies. However, let’s dive into the type of proxies and their values.

Ø  Dedicated Proxies

Dedicated proxies are what we call private proxies where you use them by yourself. Compared to other companies where the dedicated proxies hit the two-dollar mark per proxy, Blazing SEO offers affordable proxies as low as $1.3 per proxy

Ø  Semi-dedicated

Per the proxy's categories, it would help if you realized that semi-dedicated proxies are the cheapest option valuing less than a dollar at any business level. That is because they are shared. 

Ø  Rotating IP Proxies

The rotating IP (IPs on multiple pots) have flexible values.  But you expect them to be costlier than the dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies because rotating IP changes to a new address at any time. Therefore, Blazing SEO adds more cost to cover the new IPs you are given. In this case, the starter and the personal package pass two dollars per IP while the discounted corporate values at $1.90.

Other types of proxies in Blazing SEO are Shopify and sneakers. Shopify deals with proxies that route data from any online shopping site. For the sneaker proxies, they allow you to buy limited goods maximally without getting noticed.  Meanwhile, check out proxy pricing to get a thorough understanding of these proxies.

Blazing SEO Test

We had a remarkable experience with Blazing SEO, and we find it highly recommendable. It offers cheaper proxies that are speedy. While we had only purchased a single package for IPv4 proxies, we checked and found that even other packages are more affordable than most private proxy providers.

The dashboard

The navigation panel is pretty easy to use, even for the first-timers, because the first thing you see after sign up or sign in is the dashboard. All options are at your disposal on the dashboard to get started. Since we wanted to carry out our first test using a Windows PC, we had to download a proxy tester for windows, which is a breeze. There is also an alternative to download a proxy tester for mac.

After downloading the proxy tester set up, the next thing to perform is authorizing the proxies before checking.  In our case, authorization only applies to semi-dedicated and dedicated proxies since rotate proxies use IP auth. The whole authorization process takes around 40 minutes, with each IP taking 0.4 to 0.8 speeds in a second to complete. We found this reasonable and super-fast because after checking, all proxy IPs were working.

The speed performance

Dedicated proxies are very fast and only usable by you. They accommodate only one user, and that's why the speed does not buffer at all. Not to mention, you are the only person who can ban your IPs. So, the mileage and lifespan of dedicated proxies are incredibly impressive. Although they are a little expensive than semi-dedicated proxies, you'll enjoy one of the fastest speeds. In fact, dedicated proxies are ideal for social marketing because you don't have to worry about someone else banning the accounts.

While semi-dedicated proxies are also fast, you cannot compare them to dedicated proxies because they are shared between a maximum of three users. So, you might have to be patient with the speed limits and bear the risk of IPs banning.

All in all, we realized that using proxies has a lot of benefits to offer to both individuals and businesses. They improve security by protecting sensitive information from hackers and cyber thieves. With these proxies, you'll enjoy your privacy as you remain anonymous while on the internet.

You can also bypass restrictions like accessing Facebook, ESPN, and YouTube while at work. On top of that, web scraping is made possible with proxies. Hence, buying multiple dedicated proxies is worthwhile. The paybacks are endless.


The Pros

  • There are quantity discounts that rate as low as $0.60 per every IP your buy monthly
  • Offers a reliable and speedy internet connection of Igb/s
  • Friendlier prices with some affordable monthly offers of about $90
  • 24/7/365 support and assistance from experts
  • Quality hardware for all servers
  • Exceptional performance guarantees with Blazing SEO's Solid State Drive
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Flexible with multiple threads
  • Secure IP authentication protocols
  • Compatible with HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS


The Pros

  • You pay with limited billing services like PayPal.
  • The threat of Spammed IPS due to its affordable buying of the proxies
  • Limited to only fourteen countries

Their Dedicated Server

If you reside in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, you will likely enjoy the Blazing SEO Dedicated servers’ hotspots. Not only do these servers function in the four locations but they serve the entire country and across borders with gigabyte speed internet transmission. That is because of their in-house quality hardware.

When connecting to Blazing SEO server, you get unlimited browsing time, zero restrictions of threads, and personalized server configuration. You get to enjoy fast gigabyte internet access with a subsidized free Terabytes monthly. The dedicated server will also enable your website to ranks high on Search engines because of keywords, title, or backlink optimization.

Their Service

If you have any queries or information you like to ask about the Blazing SEO proxies, you can ask through the Blazing SEO support team. Just scroll down the bottom page of the Blazing SEO homepage and find a customer support link. If your proxies are not working or need them to get fixed right away, the support team will fix it immediately. Still, you find more details of Blazing SEO like FAQs here.


We know by now you have realized that Blazing SEO proxy is one of the most efficient proxies' servers in the world. Just access their website and open an account now.

Try the test first, like how we did, and you will be happy with Blazing SEO speed, response, dashboard usage, and customer support. Please do not forget to rate the Blazing SEO and review the pros and cons for you to make a sound purchase decision.


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Blazing Proxies is an online service that provides access to an unlimited number of proxy servers which you can use to unblock any content at school, work, or home. With blazing proxies, you'll be able to surf the web anonymously and handle sensitive data on public networks with confidence. Blazing Proxies also offers a free trial period for their plans. This means that you can test out their services risk-free. I have found this guide
why blazing proxies is the best provider on the market today.