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5 Essential Websites for Developers 🚀

Today, I'm excited to share five exceptional websites that have become indispensable in my project development toolkit. These platforms not only save time but also offer valuable resources to enhance your coding endeavours. Let's dive in!

1️⃣ DevDocs - The Ultimate Documentation Hub

DevDocs Website Screenshot

DevDocs is your one-stop-shop for comprehensive developer documentation. Bringing together documentation for various programming languages and frameworks, it's a go-to resource for quick access to essential information.

Explore DevDocs: DevDocs

2️⃣ JSONPlaceholder - Simplifying REST API Testing

JSONPlaceholder Website Screenshot

JSONPlaceholder is an invaluable tool for testing HTTP requests. Offering a simple REST API with fake data, it streamlines prototyping and development, making it an essential resource for developers.

Visit JSONPlaceholder: JSONPlaceholder

3️⃣ - Your Daily Dose of Developer News

Daily Dev extension Screenshot is your go-to resource for staying updated on the latest developer news. It curates top articles from various sources, ensuring you're always in the loop with industry trends and insights.


4️⃣ Devhints - Your Go-To Cheatsheet for Quick References

Devhints Website Screenshot

Devhints is a versatile cheatsheet covering various programming languages and tools. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, Devhints offers quick references and reminders to streamline your coding experience.

Access Devhints: Devhints

5️⃣ Just Five News - Stay Informed in Five Minutes

Just Five News Website Screenshot

Just Five News delivers concise and relevant updates for developers. Stay informed about the latest tech trends and industry news, all in a quick five-minute read. Perfect for staying in the loop without overwhelming your schedule.

Visit Just Five News: Just Five News

⬇ Feel free to share your experiences with these fantastic resources in the comments below. Additionally, let me know about your favorite tool—I might feature it in the next post!

Thanks for reading! ❤️

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Tracy Gilmore

Hi Baransel,
Here are some more must-have bookmarks for web developers.

sammiee profile image

How about ServBay? It's local server environment, ideal for web and PHP developers, especially those working on macOS. It brings together a comprehensive range of web development tools and services, including web servers, databases, programming languages, and mail servers, all in a unified and efficient platform.

niehiels profile image

This is awesome!

hosseinyazdi profile image
Hossein Yazdi

Great selection, especially

These are also essentials (to add on):

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Jens Oliver Meiert

Feeling free, I’d love feedback about Frontend Dogma as a news and tools resource. (Expect the site to remain fairly minimal, but curious what would make it more helpful to everyone.)

jlntrt profile image

I would like to add the TLDR newsletter.