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Append a file into a zip file in Python

I was trying to find a way to append a file into a zip file in python, but I could not find an easy way to do it.

When using zipfile built into python, using the 'a' append method doesn't overwrite files the way I expected it to. So this python module will overwrite the existing file when appending a file (which to me is the obvious solution).

There's no lack of StackOverflow posts and answers, but all of those were too specific to the specific post/issue.

So I decided to scratch my own itch, and make a library to handle it for myself and others.

GitHub logo barakplasma / append-zip

append a file into an existing zip file, overwriting the existing file of the same name if needed


Appends a file to a zip file, overwriting the existing file there if necessary


Not efficient; extracts all the files in the zip, copies over the new file, and compresses a brand new zip replacing the original one. You will need enough disk space to duplicate the zip file.


for some reason, windows has a different file length after unzipping (by 10-20 bytes). So beware how this works on windows

MIT licensed

example of how to use it:

install (on Mac)
$ python3 -m pip install appendzip

from appendzip.appendzip import appendzip
# before appendzip calendar.txt in the zip archive contains 2021-01-02
# before appendzip calendar.txt outside the zip contains 2022-02-03
# after appendzip calendar.txt inside the zip contains 2022-02-03
# after, there is still only one file in the zip archive
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Michael Salaverry Author

by the way, I want to fix the import, but I'm having a hard time figuring out setup.cfg