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Your network, your networth

Think these words

The central thing is that these are all connected to something or someone and cannot be measured or achieved in isolation. While we have self-made mentors and coaches all over the internet, the ideal mentor or coach is to provide service or value to someone or a group of people looking to improve and become more valuable.

I think with being a developer, reaching out, and being in a community like DEV is an awesome opportunity to become better at what we do. Being a rookie and massively interested in how I can use code to make a difference in the lives of my clients, I would not want to learn to reinvent the wheel when someone else has already done that.

My being here has improved my self-taught developer journey a lot and I am grateful for all those who continue to create valuable content on this platform. I still work as a digital transformation business analyst and hope to grow into a solutions consultant in a few months.

You are the true valuable heroes, mentors, collaborators and coaches here!!
Keep on being the true helpers and just to let you know - your help is appreciated.
I am presently learning to react with a plan to add react-native to it after having breezed through javascript through a mentoring course.
A lot of times I still don't know what I am doing but have actually done some work and deployed some web sites/apps with backend API capabilities through MERN stack.
It's still daunting to me as I believe I really suck at writing code and tend to get worked up. However, that has improved with a lot of solutions to help clean up my code via some vscode extensions.
From my heart to yours, I appreciate you all.

You are my network and my networth - Welcome to October

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