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My Tiny Git CLI Tool I Use Daily To Improve My Git Workflow

Most developers work with Git on a daily basis. I would almost assume there are as many work flows as there are developers. I recently came upon a problem all over again. Finally I decided to create a tiny CLI application to solve the problem I was having, and I ended up using that so much that I changed my actual Git workflow.

The problem I was facing was the constant switching of branches. Bug fixes, features, dev reviews, and so much more. With long branch names like bugfix/<CATEGORY>-<ID>-long-descriptive-name, I always forgot the names of the branches.

Enter: git-recent-branch, my new very simple CLI tool.

Gif showing usage of git-recent-branch

Just run git-recent-branch (or rb as an alias), and you'll get a nice looking prompt, allowing you to checkout one of your 5 recent branches with on click on the keyboard. I use it almost all the time when switching branches.

It might be a bit of a shameless plug, but it really helped me a lot and who knows, other people might perhaps find it helpful.

The code is all open-source and available on Github for those who want to look or contribute. Or feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you want to talk code.

Happy coding!

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