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#100DaysOfCode | Day 1

Heyyyyyyyyy, here I am again...
Yesterday was my first day of #100DOC challenge.
I solved 1 exercise from exercism but I spend around 2-3 hours to learn the concepts of OOP which is the really important topic in high-level languages and to be honest it seems to be very cool...

I know there's a lot to learn and maybe some of them could be overwhelming but I think that's part of the learning curve for every new skill :)

So I'll take it easy and keep moving forward...
Yesterday I focused deeply on:
Alt Text

  • Instances
  • Instance variables
  • What exactly does self mean in classes?
  • What attributes are in classes
  • What actually init method does ? and so on.

I'm gonna write and article about what I learned from Corey Schafer and Andre Neagoi tutorial and share it in my next posts.

Thank you so much for spening your valuable time with me and reading my post.
If you have any Idea for **#100DaysOfCode Challenge **or any Advice for improving my skills just let me know and leave a comment below.
Good Luck
Happy Coding ;)

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amirdarx profile image

hi frienddddd , happy see you here , hope to finish this longterm challenge .

banji220 profile image

Ya my Homie-G :)
Tnx for leaving a comment and being with my in this wonderful Journey.
I love the way we motivate each-other cuz that's all what we need to keep moving in this wonderful challenge!
Tnx for leaving a comment below my post bro
Keep it up
Happy coding(JS for ya) hahaha
Love ya 🍭❤️