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re: Hi Banji, you've done a nice work on this challenge, congratulations :) Here's my approach: from collections import Counter import re def is_is...

Heyyyyyyyyy Rafael ;)
Thank you for sharing your code and your great approach in my Post.
I appreciate it
But if you test your program with a string like:

abc = is_isogram("A a B C)

the program will

__return : True__

but we need to get False cuz there's to letter (A, a).

Finally your comment was so helpful for me cuz I think I really need to change some of my approach in my coding routine like using standard libraries more and etc.
Thanks for giving a light in my jourrney.

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I didn't see this case, we can fix this normalizing even more the input with .lower() and it will work just fine.

I'm glad to help.

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