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#100DaysOfCode | Day 10(Starting to make a twitter bot)

Hey everyone, today is my 10th day of #100DaysOfCode Challenge!
Yesterday was not really satisfying for me cause I failed to solve a problem.
I know this is a part of coding journey, but as far as I know myself, I'll become a BEAST when I fail to do something especially about learning a new skill!
So today I decided to start a project and I though it would be nice to do something cool, funny and useful so after finishing I can take advantage of it!
You may ask me,
What do I want to do?

Alt Text
YesSSSS! I wanna make a Twitter-Bot

I thought it can be a great project to do and learn a lot out of it.
So cause I have a twitter account, it can be useful to automate some of the repetitive tasks.
I'm so excited to start this project and I'll share my code and work on Gitlab and here with all of you to know your point of view about my codes and BOT!
Thank you for reading my posts and being with me and encouraging me in this journey.

Keep Moving Forward

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amirdarx profile image

yaaaaaaa new thing .
definitely you will make it bro

banji220 profile image

Tnx my brother.
We're moving forward every single day!
That's how things gonna happen in our journey...