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Balram Kusharam
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MERN E-commerce App: A Beginner's Journey on DEV.TO

Just built my first full-stack app - a MERN e-commerce platform! Check it out:
For those interested in exploring the source code, it's available on the GitHub Repository-

Tech Stack:

➡️ Backend: Node.js, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB & MongoDB Atlas
➡️ Frontend: HTML, CSS, JS (Bootstrap, AOS, Starability.css)


➡️ Stripe Payment Gateway Integration
➡️ User Registration & Auth (SHA-256 secured)
➡️ Product Reviews & Ratings ⭐️
➡️ Wishlist & Shopping Cart
➡️ Responsive Design

Key Learnings:

➡️ Backend development
➡️ Secure user roles & authentication
➡️ Data integrity with middleware

Next Steps:

➡️ Advanced search & recommendations
➡️ Multiple payment gateways
➡️ Enhanced user experience ✨

Excited to learn & grow! Feedback & discussion welcome.

Connect with me:

➡️ GitHub -
➡️ LinkedIn:
➡️ Portfolio:
➡️ Resume:!Ata57G5f_C7ikIk1uXAjf5FECj1Qfg?e=caaOE7

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