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Wubba Lubba Code: Rick and Morty-Approved Automation for Dev to Prod

If you're a fan of "Rick and Morty," you know that when Rick says, "Wubba lubba dub dub," something epic is about to happen. And today, it's all about code, automation, and a dash of interdimensional (multiple runtime environment) craziness. In the infinite realities (runtime environments) of software development, there's one constant— change. Developers, like the brilliant but eccentric Rick, are constantly on a quest to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and unlock new possibilities. And just like Rick wouldn't step into the unknown without his trusty portal gun, developers need the right tools to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of DevOps. Now, you might be wondering, "What does 'Rick and Morty' have to do with automation, Dev to Prod, and all that developer stuff?" Well, it turns out that the lessons learned from Rick's interdimensional escapades can be surprisingly applicable to the world of software development.

Portal-Hopping: Unveiling Value-Driven Automation
In the chaotic and unpredictable multiverse of software development, identifying the right portal to house your automation is nothing short of an interdimensional adventure. Just like Rick and Morty, who navigate portals to alternate realities, we, as developers, must choose the most fitting dimension for our automation strategies. But how do we determine which portal to step through? The answer lies in a brilliant fusion of complexity and value. Imagine for a moment that you're Morty, grappling with the complexities of a user interface, integrations, custom components, and the intricate dance of cross-system interoperability. On the other hand, you're Rick, the master of navigating the vast landscape of business processes, user impact, data sensitivity, regulatory compliance, and the ever-demanding realms of business continuity and availability.

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By evaluating the balance between complexity and value, we're about to embark on an adventure that even Rick would find mind-boggling

Mastering the Multiverse:
So, you've figured out which portal (or environment type) is the ideal home for your automation—a task that would make even Rick Sanchez himself proud. The right portal beckons, and developers must be guided as they step through (think about DLP policies, connectors etc...), armed with their code and knowledge. Smooth onboarding ensures that the automation finds its footing in the new environment, ready to thrive.
Morty's trusty notepad (ALM) ensures the efficient promotion of automation across multiple environments, like smoothly transitioning from one parallel universe to another. It keeps tabs on code changes, testing, and deployment, ensuring that the automation journey progresses flawlessly.
Much like Rick's gadgets, Power Platform managed environments offer a range of benefits, from streamlined development and testing to enforcing security and compliance. It's the safety harness that ensures automation stays on track, much like Morty's reminders to Rick to follow the rules.

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Rick and Morty-Approved Adventure:
With a blend of complexity and value, onboarding, ALM, and governance, we've harnessed the power of automation, much like Rick harnesses the power of his inventions. Whether you're promoting your automation from one portal to another or enhancing your ALM strategies, embrace the 'Rick and Morty' spirit. It's a spirit of innovation, exploration, and a dash of controlled chaos. Just as the duo tackles interdimensional conundrums with a blend of intellect and unpredictability, we, too, can tackle the ever-changing challenges of software development.

Wubba Lubba Code!

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