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Bala Madhusoodhanan
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The ROI Armor: Crafting Your Automation Strategy for Powering Profits

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, the Power Platform stands as a beacon, offering enterprises the potential to streamline operations, boost productivity, and yes, enhance profitability. But in the spirit of our favorite genius, billionaire, philanthropist, Tony Stark—Iron Man, we know that not all battles are fought in the same way. Let us embark on a journey akin to Tony Stark's analytical approach, donning the metaphorical "ROI Armor." We'll delve into the art of quantifying and assessing the quality of use cases for automation within the Power Platform. After all, in the intricate world of digital strategies, understanding how to measure the potential return on investment (ROI) and the qualitative aspects of each use case is akin to Stark Industries developing cutting-edge tech.

Ironclad Strategies - Blueprint:

Envision yourself as the Tony Stark of your digital domain, meticulously crafting a suit that not only enhances efficiency but aligns with the core elements defining its significance.
Theme 1: Efficiency
we set our sights on the criteria that form the backbone of this assessment. From the frequency of automation executions to the potential monetary value derived, and from the anticipation of peak demand periods to the structure of digital data employed — each criterion unfurls a layer of insight into the true significance automation holds for your enterprise.

*Criteria * Weighting Data Score
Frequency of Automation Executed 20.0 > Weekly 3
Weekly 5
Daily 7
Hourly 10
**** **** **** ****
Potential monetary value for automation ( calculate time spent by a person to complete the process manually / time taken to complete with automation) 20.0 < 1 10
> 1 0
**** **** **** ****
Does the automation likely to experience periods of high demand / peak volume 10.0 Never 0
Sometime 5
Always 10
**** **** **** ****
How much of data used in process is in structure digital format 15.0 All data Structured 0
Hybrid 5
Unstructured 10

Theme 2: Effectiveness
The second set of criteria are pivotal in ascertaining the strategic alignment, the utilization of sensitive data through Sensity* (sensitivity of data), and the perceived risks that loom in the event of automation failure.

*Criteria * Weighting Data Score
Does the Automation have strategic alignment with respect to capability 15.0 Tactical 10
Stratigic 0
**** **** **** ****
Does Automation leverage Sensity data 10.0 Y 10
N 0
**** **** **** ****
Perceived business risk in the event of failure of the automation (e.g. legal or financially critical or leverages sensitive Data or delay with manual process)? 10.0 Low 0
Medium 5
High 10

Example template:

Image description

Closing Remarks:
Each criterion acts as a compass, guiding us towards understanding not just the impact of automation but its strategic resonance within the broader framework of business objectives.


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