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Learning from Star Wars Universe

"Potential is only the beginning" (Ankin was chosen one for Jedi Order who would have brought balance to the FORCE. His choice ended up with dark side).

  • Similarly, Agile development is not the silver bullet , it can only take you so far. The software engineers should embrace the engineering mindset (System thinking, Iterative progression, Curiosity to learn, keeping improving) in order to deliver and produce effective and measurable software results.

  • Its not just about developing features the engineers should take accountability with DevSecOps to ensure speed of delivery and robustness of the feature to support the end user

"Do or do not" (Try not. Do or do not. There is no try)- When you do something, go all out with it, without excuses.

  • A release biggest risk would be to discovery and resolution of defects late in the process. This puts product stakeholders in the uncertain position of having to deploy known defects in order to hit a deadline. The planning or even implementing tests early within a sprint increases predictability and reduces the chances that defects will be a constraint to a timely deployment

  • Features should be fully developed, tested, and accepted by the product owner before assessing them as done—so that they can be deployed to production at the end of the sprint and delivered to customers.

"It’s better to deliver bad news than surprises" (With the famous line, "Luke, I am your father," Darth Vader, the essence of evil, came right out with the truth. This concept of delivering bad news rather than surprises applies to agile effort estimation and exceptions as well. In the end, it cost Luke his hand.)

  • It’s important to have invest in learning good development practices
  • Think about phased release approach where the team could learn from smaller changes into production and enable feedback and test our ideas. Things could go wrong initially but learning would guide / shape the approach for the team forward

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