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Szélig Balázs
Szélig Balázs

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Dotfiles for Arch Linux w/ i3wm


My name is Balázs Szélig. I'm 14 years old and I love coding and ricing Arch Linux. So I'm gonna share my dotfiles with you.

The story and the previews

I love retro (but modern) things. So I've come up with an idea: My Linux could look like an arcade room. So I've searched for an image for the wallpaper and I found a very good one. Then I was write the scripts for alacritty, rofi, polybar, picom, neovim and i3wm. So this is the result:

The dotfiles

You can access the dotfiles on this link or you can clone the files directly with this command:

git clone
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So how do you satisfied with my dotfiles? Let me know in the comments.
And that was my first post on this site. Thank you for your attention! Bye!

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