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Portfolio review

Eleftherios Psitopoulos on January 31, 2019

Almost every time I want to get a color from a webpage, I open the dev tools, select any random element and create a color css attribute, setti... [Read Full]
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Beautiful... I love it
Kindly checkout mine also


I like the minimal design of it. I would suggest that you work on the animations a bit, to make the ending more fluid :)

Edit: Also, in the portfolio/projects page, I have mixed feelings about using the iframes. I think a simple screenshot + link would be better.


Thanks so much for your feedback I really appreciate 😊😊😊 I will make changes ❤


Really nice. Please info about the technology stack you used for your website?


The site is built with Gatsby, which also implies the use React. I wanted to build something with Gatsby for some time now, in order to learn it. This was my chance :)


This looks great! I especially love the focus state you've used. One little accessibility recommendation: The green of your links on the "projects" page has pretty low contrast against the white background, which can cause readability issues for lots of folks. Check your hex codes using a tool like WebAIM's to make sure they've got enough contrast.


Thanks for the recommendation, Fen! I used AChecker and I figured I had a couple of things that I needed to address!

Glad you liked it!


Beautiful. Do you even send that rubber ducky image when you apply to some company?


I actually do! This bird and I go together. :)
Bakedbird is the literal translation of my last name.
Since it is the 'bird' of bakedbird and I am bakedbird, it would only make sense to send it as part of my personal branding :)


That's cool! Hardly any front-end-devs even have their own domain, let alone a portfolio-page. Good choice on the color, too!


Glad you liked it! It's a shame that most frontend devs don't have their own portfolio pages. I think it's a must have because you not only get to showcase your work but also show the world (and potential employers) who you are and what you do, in a more personalised way than a CV. It's our own little web corner!

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