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Discussion on: Hello again. It's time to do some work!

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bairrada97 • Edited on

join all these 4 tabs in "Explore", with week | month | year | infinity as a filter, plus as someone mentioned here, make a something to see all the tags, I think you can do it everything together inside "Explore" tab/page.

I believe will make the homepage Cleaner, on the other side will make the user to make 2 clicks to see, for example, the week posts

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Robin Aspman • Edited on

While I found the idea interesting of the "Explore" option, I'd caution against it.

Whilst it would make the homepage more clean it might cause an annoyance of the user friendliness, since two clicks might not seem such a hurdle in the beginning, it may become just that long term.

And it might just become cluttered up inside of that drop-down which might make the design deviate from the feel of the website.

Overall, I really like the feed to-the latest bar on the homepage. But to offer an alternative view of this.

Couldn't you guys add a "My Tags" option below the "Settings" in the drop-down that is in the top right corner where the profile pic is. Here's a little demo that might be what it can look like when you click the "My Tags" button.


The green marker indicating the chosen tag and those that haven't a green marker are off the feed.

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Paweł Ludwiczak Author

Love that idea!