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Creating a CTA Button Progress

For my IST 402 class, we are creating a call to action button. I'm still new to web components, so the button is a work in progress for my partner and I.


We've experienced a series of difficulties along the way of creating this button as we are both brand new to this process and there is way too much that goes into a single button. One thing we've struggled with is the shadow parts aspect of the project, so we're still trying to read up on how it works. We're also having some difficulties getting the disabled aspect to work, but I think we're close figuring it out.


My partner and I have learned to celebrate the small victories and take the requirements one step at a time. So far, we've been able to change the CSS for our button to change its look, add hover and focus changes, keyboard accessibility, and icons. We covered icons in class and learned how to add them to our buttons with just a few lines of code (now if we could only get the no icon option to work we'd be golden).

Overall, this process has been a big learning experience and we still have a lot more to figure out, so stay tuned.

If you want to view our button's progress, click here.

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