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Discussion on: Do you prefer video or written coding tutorials?

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Bahadir Balban • Edited

Very interested in this subject and surprised to see a lot of people prefer written tutorials. I think written works best if there are step by step instructions (e.g. commands to run), and video if you need to really learn a subject. I am a fan of video and I am very picky about the video format. It must be already zooming to code, explain only one concept at a time, be free of sentences that don’t improve your understanding, clear of words that don’t add meaning (actually, um, really, possibly), not be slow paced,- every second counts, should go in depth. Here is my tutorial where I tried to adhere to these rules (became #2 nodejs video on freeCodecamp)

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Suzanne Aitchison (she/her) Author

Thanks for the link - I'll have a look! I think the general consensus seems to be that, like you say, thought and care needs to go into making videos concise and clear, otherwise they end up just being a frustration! Definitely good to have some examples to look at 😁