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Calin Baenen
Calin Baenen

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Google refusing to connect to other sites?!

This may or may not end up being related to my previous post about Chromium devtools not working.

So, for a few days now, I've been experiencing some issues with Google's services on third-party websites, such as Hulu, SoloLearn, etc...
When I've tried to log into SoloLearn. NOTE: All of the services listed don't require a CAPTCHA to login manually, or with SIwG.
When I try to log into Hulu, I go to enter my (mother's) email and password.
And what's this? - It's a... well- um- it's meant to be a reCAPTCHA, but it refuses to connect, as it shows with the frowning paper icon, and reads " refused to connect.". -- Note that it doesn't always have the textbox with the text that says that Google refused the connection. - When I first go to the login page, the box is much smaller, and has no textbox under it (or container).
Here are some images to show what I'm talking about:
Hulu welcome page, where it does not show Google refusing to connect. Hulu welcome page, where it shows Google refused to connect.

Going back to one of the services mentioned briefly earlier (Reddit), I tried logging in using SIwG, and nothing happened, even after refreshing and hard-refreshing the page (and trying again).
I had to reset my password, and when I did, logging in manually worked perfectly fine. Same for Twitter (except I knew my password there, so no reset was needed).

I've tried clearing my browser's cache and profile cache.
I've tried clearing all my cookies.
I've tried reconnecting to the wifi, and restarted the router.
I've logged onto other Google products, showing that I am able to use Google products within Google's own domain.

So, does anyone have any ideas as to whats going on, and how I can fix it?


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Calin Baenen

I also made a comment on the Monthly Discussion and Support Thread - December 2020 (Which is HORRIBLY OUTDATED!) on Reddit's r/Google.
Check it out!

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