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Why should you learn C++ in 2023, when AI is ruling?

Well, this is 2023, and we all can see the rise of chatbots and AI tools all over the world, and everybody is thinking they should learn Python for sure as the industry is going down that path. But did you ever wonder how the world was before there was AI around us? People used to make their own tools by hand. In our daily lives, we use the Chrome browser, video players, play games, and do tons of other things using software. Most of them are made using languages like C++. It's true that work is getting easier compared to previous days, and I don't think AI can match the creativity of humans! So today we will talk about whether you should learn C++ in 2023.πŸ˜€

In 1642, the first mechanical calculator was invented in France by mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal. So after 1642, has the creativity stopped for the new mathematicians at all, so that they have failed to invent any new things for society? Not at all, right? We know the names Leonhard Euler, Sir Isaac Newton, Carl Friedrich Gaius, and many more. A calculator is a tool that makes work easier. So I think Ai will do the same as well. So people who know C++ will be able to work creatively using their own brains and make the best use of AI. 100% of developers cannot work only with AI, as there are a lot of sectors like cloud,cyber security, game development, API,etc. Therefore, inverting time for C++ in 2023 will not be a loss for you at all.

Pascal Calculator

πŸ±β€πŸLet's talk about what sectors are there so that you can work with C++ .To begin with,C++ is frequently used because of its flexibility and popular industry application.
These are some sectors where we use c++ now a days.

  • Game Development
  • Operating Systems
  • Financial Systems
  • Networking and Telecommunications
  • Scientific and Engineering Applications

Game Development : C++ is the basis for popular game development systems like Unreal Engine and Unity. Learning C++ is highly recommended if you are interested in game development. Unreal Engine's primary programming language for creating games and apps is C++. Unreal Engine developers may build immersive and high-performance experiences by using the power of C++.If you are passionate about that, you are welcome.

Unreal Engine

Operating Systems: C++ plays a vital role in the creation of operating systems. Its low-level capabilities, efficient memory management, and direct hardware access are used in kernel development.It is also used to create system libraries, which enable functions such as file system operations, network connectivity, process management, and inter-process communication.The development of system tools and utilities for system management, debugging, and performance analysis within operating systems is also done in C++.

Financial Systems:C++ is frequently used in the financial industry to create algorithmic trading systems, risk management software, and high-frequency trading platforms. Its speed and control over system resources are critical for real-time processing of massive amounts of financial data.

Networking and Telecommunications: C++ is used in the creation of networking protocols, network management systems, and telecom software. Its performance and low-level control make network operations and data transfer more efficient.

Networking and Telecommunications

Scientific and Engineering Applications: C++ is used in a wide range of scientific and technical disciplines, including computational physics, aeronautical engineering, bioinformatics, and others. It is useful in these disciplines because of its capacity to perform complicated computations, optimize algorithms, and interface with specialized hardware.

Many of us love to do competitive programming, and C++ is the best language for competitive programming. Many people use Python to do that, but Python is slow to do that. C++ is a very close language to computers and its very first at the same time. C++ is an object-oriented programming language. We know many competitive contests from Google or some platforms have already been turned off, So if you are not passionate about this, I will suggest you not do competitive programming and focus on other sectors of it.

The 2019 World Champions:<br>
Moscow State University

In conclusion, if you feel interested in game development, software development, networking, or competitive programming, then C++ will be the best choice for you.

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Quite a well written article @badhonnandi1.

We are in the process of updating some books under our C++ portfolio. Over the next few weeks I am conducting a research in the C++ space to discover the top issues that C++ developers/programmers/experts like yourself are dealing with. We are reaching out to users to understand their needs/expectations and what they are looking for in C++ space.

After reviewing your profile, I believe that you could help me to gain a thorough understanding of what is working and not working for C++ developers like you.

Would you be happy to join me for a 10-minute call to discuss on how we can improvise our C++ books? Your inputs will be critical for us to bring forward a top-notch product for the C++ enthusiasts.

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Badhon Nandi

@denim06111991 Β Thanks for your appreciation, and I also apologise for my late reply. I was busy with my studies. I can try to work on your book as well.