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How to Choose the Right Vue js Framework for Mobile App Development?

Among all the javascript frameworks, Vue is considered the most popular for web and hybrid web application development. Since Vue has come into existence, demand for vue js development companies has been rising daily. Various reasons are playing a huge role in the popularity of vue js for mobile app development, such as it is easy to learn, serves a cross-platform, has Great documentation, and has numerous effective libraries with vast experts community. Mainly Vue js serves a great range of Mobile UI libraries such as Framework 7, Vue native, Nativescipt vue, quasar, etc. So these mobile UI framework plays a vital role in the practical and quality web development of Mobile application.

Even though Vue js serves various mobile UI frameworks, as mentioned above, businesses looking for mobile app development need clarification about how to pick the proper mobile UI framework for developing a robust and practical mobile application.

Ways to Choose the Right Vue.js Mobile framework:

Various vital factors play a huge role in choosing the right vue js mobile framework for your business. If you are among those who are confused about picking the ideal vue js framework, then find below factors to keep in mind:

1. Community support:

First of all, one of the most vital things while picking a mobile vue framework is you need to check about the community support as it affects the process to find errors and bugs in the coding and helps in increasing the productivity level. You can check the overall community developers' data online on GitHub based on various vue frameworks. So from the Github metrics, the number of downloads proves that based on your needs which framework suits your requirements based on you can proceed to Hire Vuejs developer for mobile app development.

2. Developer experience:

We can understand that with the different vue framework, every developer would face different backgrounds. So if we talk about framework7 vue, ionic vue or quasar, developers can run applications on web browsers and get a specific style-based platform. So depending upon your app requirement, you can choose the framework if you want to run your app on windows, android, and ios ionic would be the right choice for you, while vue native does not allow this feature at all.

3. UI Component:

Depending on the vue framework you choose, different sets of vue components are introduced. If we talk about iconic vue, it serves more than hundreds of groups of unique UI designs and features. Framework 7 also serves various UI components which can be implemented for practical and appealing mobile app development. While if we talk about the native script, it serves less effective UI-based components. If you talk about quasar, it has many effects and elegant-looking UI-based features for excellent mobile applications. So based on the project needs, businesses can pick the ideal vue UI framework.


By this, we have concluded that picking the proper vue js framework plays a massive role in building a mobile application. We have discussed factors such as framework, ecosystem, UI components, and many other impacts.
At last, we can say a business needs to identify project needs and, based on that, choose to hire vue js developer along with the right vuejs UI frameworks.

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