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Angular 15 is Live: A Choice to Simplify The Web Development

Angular has been always the most demanded choice for all the businesses looking to build an application. Along with the time angular team comes with an idea of upgradation to simplify the development process for all the community of angularjs developer. Recently angular has released a latest angular version 15 with variety of new features. Earlier angular 14 version came up with various experimental practices but with angular 15 we can say that angular team has all focused on the stability. Yes this what the all tech lovers and developers were looking for a stable angular update.

So with the any new update we get excited to know and learn about the new angular upgrade features and tools. Here below we will be talking about the latest angular 15 upgrades and how it improves the angularjs developer performance and experience altogether.

Angular 15 New features

Here are following some of the latest Angular 15 upgrade features which comes with a surety of effective developer experience and performance.

1.Stable Standalone:

In the angular 14 team came up with the standalone API for developers for developing web apps without Ng Modules. While now in Angular 15 it finally reaches their level of stability following careful performance observation and modifications. It is considered as an exciting feature helping angularjs develop in simplifying the development process. Also it will allow standalone components in synchronization along with the HTTP with angular element5s, client routers, etc. Along with the stabilization it has allows bootstrapping an app in single component. Thus with this standalone component features concept is developer preview has been removed.

2. Directive Composition API:

In the GitHub community there are various angular js developers requested for this API and with the angular 15 update. We can say that with this features it is possible for developers to use top-notch reusability of directives. Here for developers it gets easy to increase frequency of hosting elements while building angular web application with reusability feature. Also developers can boost up the hosting elements with the help of directives with this code reusing feature and it is all seem to be possible with angular compiler.

3. Reduce Boilerplate with Functional Router Guards:

With the standalone router APIs all the angular developers are able to reduce the boilerplate with refactoring the code and it reduces the size of angular with upcoming function router guards and refactoring the code. So we can say that with the help of functional router guards codes can be easily refactored with boiler plates.

4. Cleaner, Better Stack Traces:

So with angular 15, the process of debugging the angular application has become simple and more cleaner. Here the angular developers can make sure to trace more development codes. Earlier in angular 14 in the process of discovering codes angular developers get one line error message to solve a bug.

5. Automatic Language Service Import:

You can now easily import the needed components which are being used in the template but have not been added to standalone components or in a NgModule. Angular 15 allows you to write about angular codes in a confident manner by making best for language service.


Thus we can say that a decision of releasing an upgradation in angular versions has always been a best so far. With the latest angular 15 version the requests of many developers has been fulfilled to make a stable development. We have discussed the various features of version 15 in depth above. If you are still wanting to know more you can check out in depth content piece, Whats new in angular 15.

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