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A deep dive into unit testing in Flutter πŸ§ͺ

Testing code is an important task for a developer that helps us in ensuring that our code works as expected. Testing is an important task that should not be given the least priority or be neglected. Many companies seeking for a software developer candidate look for those who can perform testing effectively. Many open-source projects don't prefer to merge contributions for which tests are not included. So, it is clear that testing is a must-have skill for a developer and in this blog, we will go in depth about unit testing in Flutter. 😎
Testing doesn't help in locating bugs. It only helps in making sure that our code works as expected. It gives us the confidence that our code works even after refactoring the codebase.
In Flutter, there are mainly three types of test but not limiting to. They are:

In this article, we will see what unit testing is and how we can perform unit testing with some examples.

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