Situation: A new computer

b3u profile image Binyamin Green ・1 min read

Recently, I installed a fresh installation of Ubuntu on my eight-year-old laptop. Specifically, I used - don't judge me - Elementary OS. Before I wiped the hard drive, I made a list of the tools I had on my laptop and used frequently. The list included developer tools such as postman and node, utilities such as spotify and dropbox, and office software like LibreOffice and Inkscape.

What are the very first tools you just need to install on a fresh operating system?


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I too use elementary almost daily. I'd say obviously Chrome, VS Code, and for elementary specifically the desktop icon modification cause what good is Chrome OS on a coding PC :P


Thanks! I'm not familiar with "the desktop icon modification". Got a link?


"Desktop Folder" is the official name of it, it's on the App Store for Elementary. Here's an article: