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What I plan to learn at the Learn Together: Developing Apps for Teams event

jennymevents profile image JennyMEvents ・2 min read

Currently, there are 115+ million Teams daily active users. That is millions of new users that developers can reach when they develop apps for Teams.

Learn Together: Developing Apps for Teams is happening on Dec 16 and the event experience is going to be a bit unique. It will be more of a conversation-style event. These conversations are specially curated for developers (by developers) around the opportunities and reasons to build apps for Teams.

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So what are we most excited to learn in the two hours?

  1. Understand Teams Apps Learn the key concepts and terms necessary to build apps for Teams. Expand on the messaging, Tab app, extensions, Bots, and more. Learn to speak the language!

  2. “Hello, world! for Teams Getting started with Teams app development is as easy as click, click, hello world! Learn to build apps for Teams in minutes with the Teams Toolkit Visual Studio Code extension.

  3. Make your app part of your user’s day. Enhance the usability of your application by integrating messaging and meeting extensions, adaptive cards, and more.

The event is closely tied around the Teams App Dev Learning Path and there will even be a Teams Dev Challenge for those that want to win prizes and put their skills to the test.

Join us live on Learn TV or stream on-demand from Channel 9 after the event.

We are excited to #learntogether!

See you there!

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