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Simplifying Auth With Static Web Apps and React

Aaron Powell
Hi, my name’s Aaron Powell and I’m a Cloud Developer Advocate (CDA) at Microsoft. My area of specialty is front-end web dev and .NET (especially F#), but I enjoy doing silly things with technology.
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It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Azure Static Web Apps and I’m constantly looking for ways to make it easier for people to get working with it.

Something I hadn’t done much with until recently was work with the Authentication and Authorization aspect of it; I knew it was there, but I wasn’t building anything that required it.

While building a video chat app on Twitch I found myself jumping back and forth to the documentation to make sure that I was creating the login URLs correctly, loading the profiles, etc. and so it’s time to do something about it.

Introducing react-static-web-apps-auth

I created a npm package, @aaronpowell/react-static-web-apps-auth, which helps simplify development.

It introduces a component, <StaticWebAppsAuthLogins />, which will display all the auth providers (you can hide them by setting their corresponding prop to false), as well as a <Logout /> component and a React Context provider, <UserInfoContextProvider>, to give up access to the current user profile.

If you’re interested in the process of building it, I streamed that, including setting up a GitHub Actions pipeline with package deployment (like I blogged recently).

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