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Share Your Feedback: What Would You Expect for a VS Code DevOps Experience?

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Would you like to share your feedback on what would make a great DevOps experience in VS Code?

We want your feedback on how we can build a great DevOps experience in VS Code - if you have a few minutes to talk to our team, please reply here with how we can contact you and I'll connect you via email.

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I love VS Code but isn't good when you work on different kind of project.

We need some kind of flavors to enable/disable extensions by project category.

I have a lot of Web extensions that not use when work in C# projects.

I know I can disable extension in projects, but I need to do it manually on every project?


I realized I totally need this after reading your comment.

I am a DevOps and Developer mix so, I use more than a hundred extensions and when I'm doing YAML for a Kubernetes deploy I do not want some extension nagging me about not having a package.json file.


Oooo, extension profiles per workspace would be awesome!


Azure DevOps build pipelines UI within visual studio code. Currently if me or my team create or modify build pipelines, we go to Azure DevOps and do it right there.

This could include commands, auto completion, linting, snippets.


Thanks Evaldas for responding. Wanted to check if you would be open for a quick conversation. Would love to engage with you and understand more if we can do something in VS code to make the process easier for you.


Great thanks ! Mind sharing your email and I can block sometime on your calendar.

Can we follow each other here? I'll be able to send a direct message then.


Not devops specific, but 1st party support for triggering arbitrary commands/Tasks on-save.

That and general linting/completion/intellisense improvements for yaml specs (ie. kubernetes resource definitions, docker-compose, etc.). This could maybe be achieved with a JSONSchema validation plugin for JSON/YAML filetypes.


Yea totally agree on the yaml validation! Getting tired of reading the docs and validating all the "magic yaml formats" haha!


Noah, there is an Azure Pipeline extension in VSCODE marketplace for syntax highlighting and autocompletion. Did you get a chance to try that one out ?


What's the story like for inbound notifications on VSCode? I feel like status updates are a big part of DevOps (unclear whether they should go in VSCode, but it's an interesting proposition.

Does VSCode have a specifically stated endgame of sorts? I feel like it could become the operating system for all software development but I'm wondering if any ideas like that, or refutation of ideas like that, are written anywhere.


Thanks Ben for responding, I was wondering if notification be too overwhelming. Do you think if there is a quick way to navigate to right Azure Pipeline that is used to build and deploy the code, that would be more useful ?


For me, a support for writing Jenkinsfile would be nice :).

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