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#Rust πŸ¦€ – Time for Ferris says ! πŸ˜‹

Hi !

Ferris the crab, is the unofficial mascot for Rust.

ferris the crab

If you want to create a cool console app with Ferris holding a banner with a custom message, there is a super cool library that may help.

We need to search in the Rust community’s crate registry for ferris-says, and there it is ferris-says:

And its super easy to use. Let’s show a sample demo showing a β€œ Hello Reactor ” message.

    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 0.64s
     Running `target\debug\HolaMundoReactorLatam.exe`
| Hello Reactor! |
              \) / o o \ (/
                '_ - _'
                / '-----' \

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Source Code

Super cool !

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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