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Routing - Building an API in Python with Flask

Brian Clark πŸ’‘
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Originally published at ・3 min read

In this session, Cecil, Brian and chat learn about routing with Flask as they build out an API in Python. They started off by getting stuck on an issue with VS Live share but work around it and learn of the different ways to set up routing.

The following are notes and details recapping a past live stream where we live code together. The idea behind these streams is that they provide real-world examples of running into problems and solving them or working towards solving them live. Enjoy this latest one on Python πŸ™‚πŸ‘

Wednesday - January 22, 2019

Things we learned

  • What routes are in Flask
  • How to add and use route parameters
  • How to specify the route parameter types

Next Steps

  • Dive deeper into decorators


VS Code Extensions Shown/Used


Clips are a feature on Twitch that let you cut and capture segments of the live stream in the moment (up to 60 seconds). See how to use clips on Twitch for more details. The following are some fun moments captured from this stream:


Links not working on Twitch? It's most likely because Twitch will only save my stream recordings for about 60 days. Use the YouTube link at the top of this page instead.

This table helps point out different segments of the stream (highlighted in bold) or moments we learned something (not bold). The timestamps link to the video on Twitch at that point in the recording. If you'd like the YouTube link above will have similar timestamps and link to those same points in the recording as well.

Timestamp Topic
00:20:25 Quick break
00:24:42 Back from break
00:37:40 Moving on from the issue we were seeing in vs code with live share.
00:38:12 Really looking into routing and decorators now
01:32:54 Recap and raid

YouTube Video

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