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#PowerAutomate ️ – Copy Files from Google Drive to Azure Tables. Bonus: OneDrive ☁️ and Sharepoint

hi !

Early today I hosted a session with an Introduction to Power Automate. It was a fun session, and while I was talking about some flow scenarios, I had a question about copying files from Google Drive to Azure Tables.

I didn’t have the right environment to build an online demo for this, so I created a simple one using OneDrive. Kind of worked ¯_(ツ)_/¯

However, after the session I decided to take a look at the prebuilt templates for this and I found 2 that basically answer the question.

Copy new files to AzureBlob from a OneDrive for Business folder

Copy files from a SharePoint folder to a AzureBlob folder

So, I selected the 1st template, and I created a new flow. Literally 2 minutes doing some configuration until I get something like this.

Flow definition from OD to Azure

So, time to test this flow, just adding some files to OneDrive. And hey, 5 seconds later the files are copied to Azure Storage !

files copied from OD to Azure Tables

And, double check taking a look at the flow history. We can see the 3 runs, one por each file !

Run history

Ok, now I need to spend some time creating a Google Drive account and figure out how to migrate this. Cool material for a new post !

You can check the recording here:

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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Great to share this method with us and also I would share the other methods , like using Azure Data Factory , Rsync(CLI) , Rclone(CLI) , Azcopy(CLI) , Sharegate(GUI) and Gs Richcopy 360 (GUI) . hope you accept my addtion to your article