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#OpenCV – Access to a camera in a Jupyter Notebook with #Python 🐍

Hi !

Super quick post today, with an answet to a question that we had last week in one of our Reactor Sessions:

Can we access to a camera 🀳 while I’m coding in a Jupter Notebook?

So, the answer is YES. Here is a sample:

vscode jupyter notebooks accesing a camera using open cv

And as usual, let’s share some code and some notes to test this.

  • I’m coding this sample using Visual Studio Code and the Jupyter Notebook extension (link)
  • I’m accesing camera 2 on my devices, I have several cameras.
  • I’m using matpotlib to show the image, from an OpenCV Mat. This is super cool, it automatically understand Mat().
  • Important: remember to release the camera at the end!

And here is the code:

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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