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New Year, New VS Code Themes

clarkio profile image Brian Clark πŸ’‘ ・1 min read

What are your favorite VS Code themes (color and file icon themes)?

Let's get a list of themes together so we can all find new ones to try out.

My Favorite Color Themes

Quick Tip: If you want to have your theme changed based on the time of day check out the Sundial extension.

My Favorite File Icon Theme

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I'm a big fan of dark themes, right now I'm using Tokyo Night and it's awesome!

Tokyo Night


OMG yeah, he is so awesome !


That is very nice




I'm using Synthwave x Fluoromachine and it's freakin' rad

source @SBinLondon


... I think something popped on my head, I'm not even sure if I like or not...


classic, but I couldn't watch at it for a longer time :D


I find Eva Theme light to be very suitable for copy-pasting formatted code blocks into documents due to the noticeable background color and good contrast.

preview image eva theme

Eva theme light


Oh man I like that idea of using a specific theme to show code in documentation/presentations. Thanks for sharing!


Last year I made a monotone theme. Sometimes the colorful ones were kind of taking my attention.

here my theme


Very film noir. I like it!


Yes there definitely is some needed balance with a theme, fun but not too distracting and easy on the eyes. Thanks for sharing your theme


Woot woot, Shades of Purple.


Thanks for your support. Creator of Bluloco Themes here :)))


Hey Umut, thanks for following me on Twitter!


I just switched to Dracula (soft variation not the default one)
For light mode, I use Bracket Light Pro Bold


I also did one for myself, because, well, it was fun and I hated random changes when I just found a theme I love.

It's really based on the one dark and material dark theme.

It's called The Best Theme


Excellent name and thanks for sharing πŸ™‚πŸ‘


I honestly realized later that this name is actually really good chosen in terms of marketing :D


I'm very keen on the default theme.


same here, using dracula's default version


I created my own theme to suit my needs called my Lights-Out, you can check it out here
Lights Out theme preview


Nice I really like seeing themes built by the community and this one looks great. Thanks for sharing!


For day time,

One Dark Pro
One dark pro image

, and

Jane One,
Jane One image

and Night Owl for nights.

Night Owl image


I still use night owl, but I might have to give nord a try again.


Yea Nord is definitely worth trying out for a bit


I just release v2 of my Rouge theme; it's dark, flushed, and real cozy


Thanks everyone that has shared so far and those that share in the future. You all created a great list of themes here that I know I'll be referencing later when looking to change up themes. πŸ™‚πŸ‘


I really like this one:

Shades of purple


My latest fav is Horizon theme :)


Comes with both dark & light themes.
I use the light which has a nice pink-based color scheme.

I don't have any recommendations for icon packs, so I'm looking forward to your compilation πŸ”†


My theme of choice at the moment: Fairy Floss

As well, I have enjoyed using Nord.


Ooo Fairy Floss looks cool and yes Nord is a great one I've tried out from time to time. Thanks for sharing Benjamin!


For me it is Palenight

In combination with Studio Icons


Dracula is what I use for most things.


I used Dark Dracula everywhere for a few years.


Looks like I had that one but haven't really used it. I like it and thanks for reminding me of it Jacob πŸ‘

Oh and they have an icon theme too! Sweet


I can't seem to get into liking code fonts with ligatures. They make my brain itchy when I see them in themes/screenshots/etc.


Yea I've definitely heard that quite a bit. It seems people either love it or hate it.

What themes do you find yourself using?