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#MSIgnite – Power Automate with AI powered copilot capabilities

Hi !

During this Microsoft Ignite 2022, we had a lot of annoucements about super cool features. As an (long-time) AI and (newly) Low Code – No Code enthusiast, this one goes directly to my top 3:

How cool is this? For me, 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

And if you are wondering how this works, is as easy as:

Describe it and let AI build it

The main idea is to save time for the final user. Using the new “Describe it to design it” template, we can jump right in and get started.

Template 1st step

We just write a description using everyday language and Power Automate then uses OpenAI Codex to translate this description into code, and provides a list of corresponding flows that you can create instantly.

In example, let’s take a look at the following sentence

Send me an SMS for every email from my manager

And the suggested outputs includes an option sending a notification using the mobile Flow application, and also a 3rd party integration using Twilio.

We can check the details of the suggested flow, and check the suggested trigger and actions.

And we are almost there. I’ll skip the last 2 steps, so you can test it.

And if you want to know more please take a loot at

New ways to innovate with AI and Microsoft Power Automate

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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