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Christopher Maneu for Microsoft Azure

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#julyot Devs, Learn the basics of IoT Solutions this month!

Hey Fellow developers,

Are you interested in IoT but never had time - or hardware - to start? Don't know where to start? Let's start together this month!

I'm running a series of Live streaming about IoT solutions, every Thursday 5pm CET-Paris Time / 8am PST-Seattle Time at https://julyot.café.dev. You'll be able to follow along within your browser my course with the Microsoft Learn Platform (

Watch the first episode

The first episode of the series aired last week. With one of my colleague Benjamin, we've introduced what is an IoT Gateway and how to host it easily on Azure.

Next episode: Use SaaS solutions to build your own IoT Solution

I'll be streaming live tomorrow (July 9th) about how you can use SaaS IoT product - Azure IoT Central - to create your own IoT Solution with very limited amount of code - or even no code at all sometimes!

Join me Live on YouTube.

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