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Join us at #AIDevDay ☁️

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Take the Azure Dev Challenge πŸ†

  1. Complete any one of the Microsoft Learning Path from here
  2. Share your MS Learn Profile and achievement badge with #AIDevDay on Twitter
  3. Subscribe to Microsoft.Source newsletter and keep learning

Note: Valid submissions will receive an Azure Hero Badge via Twitter DM. Please ensure your Twitter DM is open πŸ˜‰. If you've any questions regarding the Azure Dev Challenge, drop us a line on the comment section below.

About AI Dev Day 🎬

Hello everyone! Microsoft is excited to join AI Dev Day as the main sponsor. AI Dev Day is a single day, virtual, developer-focussed, community-driven conference on AI and Cloud, taken over by professional AI and Cloud developers. The event has been tailor-made with the objective of encouraging and helping AI & ML developers upskill in the most face-paced career trend. The event is absolutely free and open for all.

Grab your AI Dev Day Conference tickets here 🎟️

Meet our Speakers πŸ“Ί

Whether you are someone who works on AI and Machine Learning for a living or planning to get started. We got you covered with an amazing line up of speakers from the community πŸ’–

βœ… Amanda Wong & Devanshi Thakar on Extracting Value from Text and Audio to Inform Business Strategy
βœ… Akanksha Malik on AI to BI - One Stop Solutions in Azure Synapse
βœ… Amy Boyd & Gary Pretty on Improve Customer Engagement and Productivity with Conversational AI
βœ… Haimantika Mitra on Build your model using Azure Custom Vision and deploy it in a web app.

Find the entire conference schedule here

πŸ“’ See you all at the virtual stage of #AIDevDay

Follow Azure organization πŸ”– for content/updates from Cloud Advocates and other Microsoft Technology professionals.

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I have also completed one of the Azure Dev Challenge and I have posted them on my twitter page as well. Excited for my Azure Hero Badge .
Here is the status link : twitter.com/TripathiAm3/status/131...


Is there any deadline to complete the challenge?


The challenge is open until our swags supply lasts :)


Yesterday I completed one learning path and I'm excited to get Azure Hero Badge.


Challenge Completed .Waiting for "AZURE HEROOOO"