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I'm Charles Lamanna, CVP @Microsoft for Low Code Applications Platforms. Ask Me Anything!

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Hi everyone.

I'm Dona Sarkar, Principal Advocate for #PowerPlatforms and #FusionDev on the Microsoft Developer Relations team.

Chances are you've heard terms like digital transformation, citizen apps, citizen dev, no-code development or low-code development. Or perhaps you're familiar with the Microsoft Power Platform? You might even have had some questions on the technologies, vision and future for that ecosystem!

Wait no more! I'm delighted to be hosting an AMA with none other than Charles Lamanna, right here on, on Aug 25th. And we're doing something a little different. Read on.

🎉 About Charles Lamanna

Charles Lamanna is a Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, overseeing the global strategy for the Low Code Applications Platform. He recently gave the closing keynote for our #PowerfulDevs virtual conference, where he gave his take on fusion dev teams, aka the next big thing for tech and businesses, and shares how you can use this concept to be an industry leader in your space. You can watch that talk here:

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Top comments (19)

zepowerdiver profile image
Éric Sauvé 🇨🇦 MVP | MCT (Business Apps)

Hi Charles, I was wondering what you see in terms of team effort enablement for canvas type Power Apps? Components are fine, but is there a vision for a broader way to allow teams of people to work on a single app, as "easily" as it is for Model-Driven Power Apps?

michaelrandrup profile image
Michael Randrup

In my experience, the true Pro Devs LIVE inside Visual Studio. So to be long-term dominant and get the Pro's truly on-board, don't you think you (eventually) need to create an integrated experience between the Power Platform and Visual Studio (Like Azure Services and VS for example) ?

aprildunnam profile image
April Dunnam

One thing I observed from some partners wanting to leverage the Power Platform to build re-sellable solutions is that there's a concern over how to protect their IP within the Power Plat. Are there any plans to provide a way to offer IP protection for Canvas apps in this scenario?

nitya profile image
Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D • Edited

ICYMI - this is a sketchnote summary of the discussion - the whole thing was taped so I expect the video will be added in here soon. Until then, this is like a visual recap 😄


ramonck profile image
Ramon Lima • Edited

Hi Charles,
I wanted to understand more about the Excel Online connectors with Power Automate, very little is talked about it but I was wondering if we could use it in cases were we have Sharepoint Lists instead of that can we use Excel Online, what use cases do you see for that one specifically for example can I store information there and use it later what are the limitations of Excel against a Sharepoint Lists I wanted to understand that a deep further from a specialist like yourself.
Thank you for your attention.

jasonaalmeida profile image
Jason Almeida #PowerAddict #ProCodeNoCodeUnite

I LOVE the fact that we're getting so many new features in CDS & Model Driven Apps, especially some that used to be within a particular first party D365 app. Do you see features built by the app teams and think "i'd like to have some of that in the power platform"? How do you negotiate with the App Teams? Would be great to hear more about how this relationship works when it comes to building new features

Also Thanks for all the great work so far!👍 🙌

crmlady profile image

Good Day Charles !

Here is one from one of our general discussions that I thought I would get some wider perspective on.

Power Automate | What is the best way to trigger on associating and/or disassociating a record from an OOB N:N relationship in a Model Driven Power App?

Have an incredible
Anne Stanton

nitya profile image
Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D

The AMA is going live in just a few minutes - join us here:

ramonck profile image
Ramon Lima

Are there any ideas around making the premium stuff simplified across the power platform, it's hard to sell to internal users all these different little prices and models around the board of what we need, etc. It would be interesting to simplify or to embed into a higher level of O365 type of licensing it's not easy for large companies to do this add up of these little add-ons.
Specially the minimum monthly committment stuff in O365 which is not a good model specially compared to Azure which is per usage only. It becomes cheaper to stick with the Azure and plugin the PowerApps instead of just staying inside the O365.

jasonaalmeida profile image
Jason Almeida #PowerAddict #ProCodeNoCodeUnite

Hello 👋! With Power Automate, i sometimes find that i hit a brick wall where i need to write some code to achieve my result or its just easier with a few lines of code. I know that i can do this with Azure functions and a connector and its great to see an OOTB connector coming, but as Azure requires its own subscription and billing (and tends to be owned by IT), it can be a bit tricky to leverage this in some organisations.

Is there any plan make it easier for someone building on the power platform to leverage Azure services? Alternatively, it would be great if Power Automate included a script action where you could drop in a snippet of code or a function that is executed as part of the Flow?

tonyjcaruana profile image
Tony Caruana • Edited

I would like to be able to automate the administrative tasks around both User and App Pass Licences within the Power Platform using the Graph API. I want to be able to assign them to environments and also allocate them to both users and apps within those environments, as well as possibly automating the purchasing and assigning of licences and storage/log/file space inside my tenant. I am struggling to find the necessary API calls and would like to know a) If what I need is even possible and b) If yes, then how do I do it? Which API's do I call etc... I am a developer so I only need to know the API and I can figure out the rest myself #powerfuldevs

ajithmg profile image
Ajith Mathew George

Do we have an official roadmap for Power Platforms? If so kindly share the link for the same.
We are keen to hear more about the AI Builder, Could you give us some insights on what is in the upcoming releases for AI Builder?

jwillisrose profile image
Jamie Willis-Rose

Mixed reality in Canvas Apps seems exciting. What's the time table on MR going GA? And are there any customer stories you'd recommend us look for inspiration?

mattybeard profile image
Matt Beard

Within CDS how far are we from the admin experience moving to the new maker experience entirely?

mattybeard profile image
Matt Beard

Is there an update on .NET core timescales?

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