How you can build a Serverless API using GraphQL .Net Core, C# and VS Code

Chris Noring on August 07, 2019

Follow me on Twitter, happy to take your suggestions on topics or improvements /Chris This article takes you through how to build a full CRUD API... [Read Full]
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Nice article, thanks šŸ˜€

I played with GraphQL a bit and what really put me off is the schema being defined in a string, so no strong typing, no coherence between the schema and the code etc

It's kind of ok for jedi and Todo examples but a full blown API will become very difficult to manage.

Does anyone know of an implementation that doesn't rely on schema in a string?


well I think the way they solve that is by having extensions like this one marketplace.visualstudio.com/items... so you at least have tooling support. I mean it is strongly typed. You get quite good indications that you are doing it wrong if you start typing in GraphIQL, the UI environment


Wow, another fantastic, in-depth article Chris !
It's always a pleasure to read your work :)


Great article. I still think we have a long way to go with developer friendliness around these types of APIs. The number of moving parts and concepts that need to be grasped for basic crud borders on intellectual masturbation IMHO.

Iā€™d like to see someone build a framework that generates or abstracts all of this to require way less code.

Great job breaking it down and showing us the state of these technologies!


yea I agree. There definitely exists a lot of great generators for generating code from schemas. That will have to be a separate article :)


Excellent work @softchris , it's always a glad to read your posts!!!

Very very good!

Follow +1 <3


thank you, Jeffrey. Really appreciate that :)


Thanks for the article. I am excited about GraphQL. We are currently using OData heavily. I hope GraphQL can be a good alternative or at least be a complementary for OData.

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