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How to Make AI Feel Less like Sci-Fi with AI Builder

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#PowerfulDevs Conference



The Powerful DEVs Conference is the first virtual conference of its kind. We will showcase how developers can leverage the Power Platform to build applications faster and with far less effort. Connect with industry-recognized ProDev influencers, Microsoft Cloud Advocates, trusted and diverse community leaders, and members of the Power Platform Team.


Revisit this page during the event to engage in live (and post-event) discussions on those topics with both speakers and community. The speakers will be here for a live Q&A for at least 30 minutes immediately after their session concludes. After the event, come back to find additional slides, videos, and resources for this session.

About This Session:

July 15, 2020: 12:30 PDT - 12:55 PDT

"Artificial Intelligence" may seem like a deeply complex and technical topic- but did you know you can build your own models with zero code? In this talk, I'll share how you can build and train your own models and add even more intelligence to your apps with Azure AI + Cognitive Services!

About the Speakers:

Chloe Condon is a Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft where she loves to showcase fun ways to use Azure. Follow @chloecondon on Twitter.

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Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. Part-time Furby hacker, full-time sass as a service πŸ’…

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Hey Chloe, I am seeing an "article no longer available" message


I appreciate this "beginner" AI discussion, Chloe.


Yay- I'm so glad! Wish I knew what I know now so I could help Citizen Dev Chloe in the past with all her paperwork/magic towel counting πŸ˜‰


Hey Chloe! How did you get started? Are the Learn Modules the best first step for new Power Platform users?


Yes yes! Learn Modules are a great first step! Here are 2 I'd reccomend:


Once you get your feet wet with PowerApps, you can go on to learn more specific/detailed ways to enhance your models!


Thanks for that session... I'm just shifting into this and appreciated the overview... and thanks for the Buzz Lightyear World of Disney photo! ;) College Program alum or CM? MKCP here...


haha- Disney Store in the mall! I WISH it was at an actual theme park! πŸ˜…


Hi Chloe,
Can I use Object detection for GUI objects in WEB app like buttons, icons, labels ?? Or will be better to use forms?
Like for automation testing of web apps, etc.



Try Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Power Automate for this.