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Hello World received Serverless Microsoft team

In this first episode of season 2, Anthony Chu ( @nthonyChu ) his bringing many different product manager of Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, and Azure Static Web Apps to share the best practices and help us to get started with Serverless

Welcome & News

Intro to Serverless / Azure Functions

[🎬 5:09]Alt Text

Azure Functions Best Practices

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[🎬 15:40]
In this segment we discuss different types of plans - Premium vs Consumption and when to choose one over the other (networking, always ready instances, etc). We'll also chat about general best practices such as organizing functions, sharing connections, avoid long running functions.

Reach out to Cary Chai:

Serverless Conf

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[🎬 26:00]

Intro to Azure Logic Apps

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[🎬 29:42]
In this segment we'll go over an introduction to Logic Apps and their key components.

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Azure Fun Bytes

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[🎬 39:47]
Jason Hand chats with Jay Gordon about this week's Azure Fun Bytes episode on LearnTV.
Jay's guest, Christos Matskas talks about Secretless Azure Functions.

Introduction to Azure Static Web Apps

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[🎬 46:18]

Reach out to Simona Cotin: @simona_cotin on Twitter
Reach out to Anthony Chu: @nthonyChu on Twitter

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