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#Event – Drones 🚁 and AI in London Reactor (May 26) and Madrid (May 31) Ole !

Hi !

Time to travel again, this time the agenda is

Toronto > London > Madrid > Toronto

And hey, besides supporting some amazing Post-BUILD events (more on this soon), I’ll bring a couple of drones to the London Reactor and I’ll show how to live code the Drone to detect objects!

You can control a drone using 20 lines of code. That’s the easy part. However, adding extra features like face or object detection and program the drone to follow and object or a face requires … another 20 lines of code! During this hands-on workshop we will review how to connect to a drone, how to send and receive commands from the drone, how to read the camera video feed and how to apply AI on top of the camera feed to recognize objects or faces.

Session Details

You can register and ger more information in our Microsoft London Reactor page

Let’s code a drone !🚁 to detect objects and have fun with Azure IoT ! May 26, at Microsoft Reactor London

A couple of days later, I’ll fly to Madrid and share some time with the MadNight Coders team. Same topic, but time in Spanish !!! More information in:

Let’s code a drone !🚁 to detect objects and have fun with Azure IoT (Spanish in Madrid) May 31

This time I won’t bring Goku The Cat !πŸˆβ€β¬› to hit the drone !

cat hitting the drone on the floor

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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