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Registration Open: AI Edge Event

This LIVE online event will take place on Thursday 1st October - register now at

We're only just starting to understand the true potential of technology at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, MLOps (Machine Learning & DevOps), Cloud Computing and Edge Computing - but the possibilities are endless.

For the past few years, our AI Engineers, Data Scientists and Cloud Advocates at Microsoft have been working with the University of Oxford to further the development of these technologies and further the practical application of these in the world.

The collaboration has resulted in the University of Oxford offering specific courses on AI and Cloud/Edge computing - and on the development of the AI Edge Engineer Learning Path on Microsoft Learn.

Now, we're bringing together the team at Microsoft and the academics at University of Oxford that worked to build this learning path - and you can meet them and find out more about this free Learning Path, as well as some of the amazing applications of these technologies, at our event on 1st October.

Our event will take place LIVE at the times below and there is no cost to attend. Registration is now open at, and we can't wait to see you there.

Thursday 1st October

Mumbai Tel Aviv Berlin London NYC Seattle
10.30pm 8pm 7pm 6pm 1pm 10am

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