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#Coding4Fun – Power Automate and Cat as a Service 😸

Hi !

You probably didn’t request this, but hey, it’s Friday and it’s time to have some fun.

Yesterday, thanks to Rishab, I learned about Cat as a Service (cataas). Yes, because we can have ANYTHING as a Service !😸.

I was thinking about some cool and advanced scenarios to use this, then I realized that I can make my team smile with a super simple solution.

A Power Automate flow that sends an email every Monday at 10AM with a cat photo !

This idea rocks !🤘🤘🤘

And it’s super easy to implement. A 2 step flow

  • Schedule Trigger with a weekly cadence, for each Monday at 10AM.
  • EMail action with html body with the following content:

<p><b><font color=blue>Happy Monday</font></b></p>
<img src=""
alt="Monday cat !">

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Single screenshot of the flow.

screenshot of the flow

And a happy Inbox !

Inbox screenshot with the new email with a cat photo

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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