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#Coding4Fun – How to control your #drone 🚁 with 20 lines of code! Complete series of posts

Hi !

I´m back to have some fun with the DJI Tello Drone and Artificial Intelligence, so let´s share all my posts about programming the drone.

Coding4Fun Drone 🚁 posts

  1. Introduction to DJI Tello
  2. Analyzing Python samples code from the official SDK
  3. Drone Hello World ! Takeoff and land
  4. Tips to connect to Drone WiFi in Windows 10
  5. Reading data from the Drone, Get battery level
  6. Sample for real time data read, Get Accelerometer data
  7. How the drone camera video feed works, using FFMPEG to display the feed
  8. Open the drone camera video feed using OpenCV
  9. Performance and OpenCV, measuring FPS
  10. Detect faces using the drone camera
  11. Detect a banana and land!
  12. Flip when a face is detected!
  13. How to connect to Internet and to the drone at the same time
  14. Video with real time demo using the drone, Python and Visual Studio Code
  15. Using custom vision to analyze drone camera images
  16. Drawing frames for detected objects in real-time in the drone camera feed
  17. Save detected objects to local files, images and JSON results
  18. Save the Drone camera feed into a local video file
  19. Overlay images into the Drone camera feed using OpenCV
  20. Instance Segmentation from the Drone Camera using OpenCV, TensorFlow and PixelLib
  21. Create a 3×3 grid on the camera frame to detect objects and calculate positions in the grid
  22. Create an Azure IoT Central Device Template to work with drone information
  23. Create a Drone Device for Azure IoT Central
  24. Send drone information to Azure IoT Central

And, as usual, an old video with the core parts of this series:

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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