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Building an Animal Crossing Turnip Timer! [video]

Have you started playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on your Nintendo Switch? Do you keep forgetting to buy turnips every Sunday? Looking for a fun & easy project that will help remind you when to start searching for Daisy Mae? 🤔💰📈

No problem! We made a Courier + Azure Function problem to solve that!

On this episode of Show & Tell, Aydrian Howard (Developer Advocate at Courier, and friend of Chloe irl and in Animal Crossing) joins me to talk all about our latest collab- an Animal Crossing Turnip Timer! 🏝 Using the power of Azure Functions & Courier- we talk through the high highs ("yay!! it's working!!") and the low lows ("noooo- not timezone/UTC math!?!") of building a project to help us remember when to purchase our turnips on Sundays.

👉 You can learn how to work with Azure Functions in this free and easy MSLearn tutorial here! 🌈 Execute an Azure Function with triggers

Wanna try out Courier to help simplify designing and sending notifications? 💌📱📫 Check them out at

Want more Animal Crossing content? You're in luck! Check out our previous episode with Brendon North of the Nintendo Nerds to see his Animal Crossing Game Show Set here! 🎨🕹🏝👉Brendon North Shows Chloe An Animal Crossing Game Show Set!

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