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Azure SDK for Java link for Contents and Samples

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Microsoft provide Java SDK Libraries for Azure as follows. Some of the documents wrote the detail explanation to use them. So it may be useful for developer to refer to the following documewnts.

Management: If you implememnt the Management libraries, you can create Azure resources from Java Application.

Client: If you implement the Client libraries, you can easily to use the resources.

Management Client Runtime Common Samples
Active Directory 1. Getting Started with Graphrbac - Manage Users Groups And Roles - in Java
2. Integrating Azure AD into a Java web application
3. Integrating Azure AD into a Java console application using username and password
4. Integrating Azure AD into a Java web application
5. Others
App Service 1. Configure Azure App Service deployment sources from your Java applications
2. app-service-java-manage-staging-and-production-slots-for-web-apps&WT.mc_id=devto-blog-yoterada
3. app-service-java-manage-web-apps-with-custom-domains
4. app-service-java-scale-web-apps-on-linux
5. Others
App Insights Get started with Application Insights in a Java web project
Batch 1. Getting Started with Batch - Manage Batch Account - in Java
2. Others
CDN Getting Started with CDN - Manage CDN - in Java
Cognitive Services Cognitive Samples

1.Bing Autosuggest v7 for Java
2.Ink Recognizer Cognitive Service Java (on Android) Sample
Container Instance
Container Registry
Container Service
Cosmos DB 1. Developing a Java app using Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB API
2. Developing a Java app using Azure Cosmos DB
3. Developing a Java app using Azure Cosmos DB
4. Others
Data Lake Analytics Manage Azure Data Lake Analytics using a Java app
Data Lake Store Others
DNS Getting Started with DNS - Manage DNS - in Java
Event Grid Microsoft Azure Event Grid Publish/Consume Samples for Java
Event Hubs 1.Azure Event Hubs Java samples
2.How to write data to Event Hub via JMS and read via Storm on Azure
3.Read and write from EventHubs using a hybrid .NET/Java Storm topology
Functions 1. Azure Functions Java developer guide
2. Maven Plugin for Azure Functions
HDInsight Azure HDInsight SDK for Java Samples
IoT 1.Samples for the Azure IoT device SDK for Java
2.Samples for the Azure IoT Service SDK for Java
Key Vault Others
Lab Services
Log Analytics
Media Services
Mixed Reality
Networking 1.Manage Virtual Network - in Java
2.Manage Network Interface - in Java
3.Manage Simple Application Gateway - in Java
4.Manage Internet Facing Load Balancer - in Java
Redis Cache 1.Manage Redis Cache - in Java
Resources Manage Resource Group - in Java
Resource Graph
Service Bus 1.Java Samples for Azure Service Bus
2.Service Bus Queue Basic - in Java
3.Service Bus Publish Subscribe Basic - in Java
Service Fabric
Stream Analytics
SQL 1.Use Java to query an Azure SQL database
2.Manage Sql Database - in Java
3.Manage Web App Sql Connection - in Java
4.Manage Sql Databases Across Different Data Centers - in Java
5.Manage Azure SQL databases in elastic pools from your Java applications
Storage 1.Upload, download, and list blobs by using the Java Storage SDK V10
2.Microsoft Azure Storage SDK v11 for Java
3.Getting Started with Azure Queue Service in Java
Traffic Manager Manage Traffic Manager - in Java
Virtual Machines 1.Manage Azure virtual machines from your Java applications
2.Create and manage Azure virtual networks from your Java apps
3.Create Virtual Machine Using Custom Image From VM - in Java
4.Create virtual machines across multiple regions from your Java applications
5.Manage Azure virtual machine scale sets from your Java applications

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