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#Azure – Formatting Date Time πŸ“… in Logic Apps or Power Automate βœ…

Hi !

Everytime I need to format a date in a LogicApp or in Power Automate I start from scratch; so it’s time to write this down.

My most common scenario is to create a string, from the current date / time, with the following format:


Translated to date format will be

formatDateTime(utcNow(), β€˜yyyyMMddHHmmss’)

You can read more about this in

Custom date and time format strings

In example, I usually like to save log files, with this format. Save them to Azure Storage, or for testing, even to OneDrive.

create a log file in logic apps using a specific date time format for the file name

And then, the new file will have a decent and easy name !

sample files created

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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