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lenadroid profile image Lena Hall ・3 min read

Have experience with building practical applications or driving complex workloads on Azure. Share your #AppliedCloudStories with us!
✓ Sign up for a free account on Azure and validate stories
✓ Submit your story and

We are delighted to announce the Applied Cloud Stories initiative by Microsoft!

📚 What Is Applied Cloud Stories?

Do you work with open-source? Are you passionate about machine learning or data science? Do you have stories to share about solving scale or data challenges? Are you investing time and effort so that you and your teams can ship code better, faster, with more confidence? Do you work with Java, Python, JavaScript, Go, Rust, or other exciting languages in the cloud? Are you active in computer science research and love when theory meets practice?

We would love to hear your story.

Applied Cloud Stories is an open call for technical content about relevant cloud scenarios and workloads, interesting challenges, and practical solutions that can run on Azure. You can participate by writing a new article, or recording a new video about the topic of your choice in one of the categories:

  • Open Source
  • Applications
  • DevOps + Infrastructure
  • Big Data + Distributed Systems
  • Machine Learning + Data Science
  • Research

Share your stories before March 15, 2020! Learn more about the timelines, rules of participation, and details about each category in the announcement.

📚 Why Should I Participate?

Your stories will help inspire and educate engineers across the globe about how to approach advanced, innovative, and mission-critical cloud scenarios that are solving specific problems.

All of the stories will be reviewed by the amazing committee consisting of Azure engineering leaders, cloud advocates, and industry leaders, like Emily Freeman, Jérôme Petazzoni, Ashley McNamara, Sarah Novotny, David Aronchick, Nina Zakharenko and more.

Applied Cloud Stories Reviewers will vote to determine winning and featured stories. We will help share featured stories with the world! Winning stories will receive prizes and rewards!

📚 Wait, I Have To Write About Azure?

Not really! The minimal requirement is to use any part of the Azure platform to run scenario workloads on. However, we are not looking for tutorials that explain how to apply Azure services to solve the task. We are more interested to hear about people’s scenarios and technology choices first. Check out the announcement for the examples.

Need Ideas?

Don't hesitate to reach out to me or to any of the committee members to validate your ideas, we'd love to help!

To make it easier, our committee members worked on example good story titles to inspire more ideas!

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